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DRAC Digital Museum

We make it easy for people to learn Utah's disability history.

We're passionate about preserving and presenting Utah's disability history in a format accessible to the broadest possible audience. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Photo of Karolyn Campbell

Karolyn Campbell

Karolyn is the Executive Director of the Disabled Rights Action Committee. Karolyn has been involved in creating and developing this website and coordinating the creation of gallery materials.


Donna McCormick

Donna is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Disabled Rights Action Committee. Donna has been involved in helping to identify people, places, and events in the photos in our archive.

Photo of Ron Faerber

Ron Faerber

Ron is the Treasurer for the Disabled Rights Action Committee. Ron has been involved in identifying information from photos and videos from our archive.

Photo of Psarah Johnson

Psarah Johnson

Psarah is the Board Chair for the Disabled Rights Action Committee and has lived her entire life refusing to take the back seat. Psarah has been involved in generating captions for photos and uploading them to the museum website.

Photo of Heidi Pomerleau

Heidi Pomerleau

Heidi is a board member for the Disabled Rights Action Committee and a community advocate and activist in Salt Lake City. Heidi has been involved in captioning photos and transcribing video interviews.

Photo of Lopeti Penima'ani

Lopeti Penima'ani

Lopeti has been working with DRAC since 1999 and has served as a board member for much of this time. Lopeti has played a key role in identifying information about key events to caption the photos in our archive. 

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